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The rapid growing market of medical devices has always encouraged Hospitech to design and develop new and innovative products. With feedback loop system in place, Hospitech has managed to acquire valuable information from customer to assist us develop and design new products as well as improving the existing products in the market.



As part of Hospitech philosophy, the management believe that knowledge workforce is one of the major driving force in today’s competitive business environment.

In line with government direction in transforming Malaysia economic toward knowledge based economic, the management had also allocated the substantial resources every year in uplift the employee skills and technical know-how through external and internal training programs.

Today, the firm is consist of all the well trained employees and all of them are having the experience skills and know-how in producing the high quality disposable medical devices.




In compliance with the International Medical Device Directive / MDD regulation, all Hospitech products are produce within the class 10K clean room environment. The establishment of clean room in Hospitech was in accordance to the international clean room standard.

Beside maintaining the stringent environmental control over the production areas, the overall process control which build by the management is also compliance to the international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard.

Throughout the years of maintaining the organization quality system management, the exposure with the SGS Yarsley International Certification Services had further confirm that Hospitech’s quality system management is conform to the International standard.



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