> Alcohol Swab
> Cadaver Bag
> ECG Electrodes
> ECG Paper
> Electrode Gel 250ml
> Disposable Pe Apron White
> Protective Apron - Long    Sleeve
> Polyethylene Glove
> Eva Copolymer Glove Sterile
> Latex Examination Glove
> Surgical Glove
> Plastic Cover
> Irrigation Syringe
> Kidney Tray 700ml
> Hi Trace Razor Blade Double    Edge
> Hygiene Sheet
> Medicine Cup
> Oral Thermometer
> Scrub Brush
> PE Tape - Microperforated
> Surgical Tape - Micropore
> Disposable Syringe
> Wooden Tougue Depressor
Sterilization Green Crepe    Paper
Reel Flat

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Reel Flat

Convenient and economical to package instruments and disposable items.
Medical grade paper with 60g/sq.m polyester and polypropylene laminated film.
Blue tinted transparent film easily identifies compromise in film due to puncturing or
Reel printed with ETO Gas & Steam indicators.

  SS-300   REEL FLAT 50MM X200 MTR   10
  SS-301   REEL FLAT 75MM X200 MTR   8
  SS-302   REEL FLAT 100MM X200 MTR   6
  SS-303   REEL FLAT 150MM X200 MTR   4
  SS-304   REEL FLAT 200MM X200 MTR   4
  SS-305   REEL FLAT 250MM X200 MTR   2
  SS-306   REEL FLAT 300MM X200 MTR   2

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