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Dialysis Catheter

Soft tip - Reduces trauma to vessel wall upon introduction and in-situ. The radiopaque
  catheter and tip facilitates vessel location when visualized by x-ray.

Biocompatible Polyurethane - Tested for toxicity and hemocompatability, and become

  softer in body temperature.
Easily-find under x-ray - Sufficient radiopaque materials ensures the correct
  placement of catheter.

Curved Extensions - The extension are curved for jugular vein approaches to make the

  catheter more comfortable for the patient.
Rotating Suture wing - Rotating suture wing provides secure external anchoring.
Antimicrobial heparin cap - Specially - made adaptor helps to avoid infection.
Multi-lumen available - Available single, double, triple lumen for Infant and Adult.
Packaging Tray - Complete Insertion set, supplied with the economical basics for
  seldinger technique insertion. catheter, vessel dilator, guidewire, introducer needle &
  injection cap.
Single peel pack,Sterile, Ready for use. For single use only.

  SHM-DLCS-1215   Double Lumen Catheter Straight type 11.5FR X 15cm   100
  SHM-DLCS-1220   Double Lumen Catheter Straight type 11.5FR X 20cm   100
  SHM-DLCC-1215   Double Lumen Catheter J type 11.5FR X 15cm   100
  SHM-DLCC-1220   Double Lumen Catheter J type 11.5FR X 20cm   100

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