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Citric Acid

Molecular formula: C6H8O7
Molecular mass: 92.13 g/mol

Purity test: minimum of 99.5%

Humidity: maximum of 0.5 %

Boiling point: 153 ºC

Citric acid is a translucent or white solid which is available as a granular powder. Citric

  acid crystallizes from hot concentrated aqueous solutions in the form of large rhombic
  prism-shaped crystals containing one water molecule, which it loses when heated at
  100 ºC, temperature at which it simultaneously melts.
  - Citric acid is used for the chemical cleaning of osmosis membranes (descaling    action; in 2.5% solutions it is effective within a 30 minute minimum contact time and at    35º)..
- Due to its descaling action, citric acid is used for the chemical cleaning of dialysis    equipment (the solution depends on the equipment manufacturer’s    recommendations).

  SR-012   CITRIC ACID 1KG   100

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